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Cool Brand New Rajnikanth Jokes and SMS

  • The Vodafone 3G Zoozoo must have seen a lot of Rajini movies.
  • Who is the first Indian to use 4G?……… Har baar Rajnikanth nahi hota….. This time it is Anil Kapoor (aG , oG, lo G, suno G)
  • Why does needle of Magnetic Compass always point towards North? Because Rajnikanth lives in the South and no one can point at him.
  • English Movies Dubbed in Hindi:
    Hurt Locker – Ghayal Tijori
    Batman- Ballebaj
    She’s the man- Bobby darling
    Blood diamond- Khooni Heera
    Saw- Dekha
    Saw2- Doabara Dekha
    Saw3- Phirse Dekha
    Saw4- Baar Baar Dekha
    Superman,Spiderman,X-men,Hulk etc- Rajnikanth


  • Good > Better > Best > Rajnikanth
  • When Rajnikanth crosses the street, cars have to look both ways.
  • One day Rajni’s mobile phone accidentally dropped from his hands while he was standing in his balcony. The mobile fall down but it didn’t reach the ground. Because Rajnikanth ordered it to come back.
  • There’s no space bar on Rajni’s computer. Words automatically give him space.
  • No more TSUNAMIS will come from now. Rajnikanth has stooped washing his LUNGI inIndian ocean.
  • When Rajnikant logs on to facebook.com, facebook updates its status message.
  • Rajnikant is injurious to cigarette
  • Girl (romantically) to Rajnikanth: 1 chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jano?
    Rajnikanth: 0.00078924576 Rs. per gram.
  • Boost is the secret of Sachin Tendulkar’s Energy & Rajni is the secret of Boosts energy.
  • Rajnikanth’s postal address: Rajnikanth ,Madras.
  • A farmer instead of keeping Scarecrow in his farm kept the photo of Rajnikanth, Birds started to bring back grains which they had took last year.

99 Coolest Collection of Rajnikanth Jokes SMS

Get set for Hilarious Rajnikant Jokes :

• Pyramids of Egypt are actually Rajni’s primary school geometry assignments. Shut up I say.

• Once Rajnikant casually played a defensive shot in cricket. Now that poor ball is known as Pluto

Rajnikant can judge a book by its cover.

• If Rajni want to eat ice cream what does he do???

He goes to Himalaya and start licking the mountain over there

In a fight between Batman and Spider Man, the winner would be Rajnikant.

• Rajnikant got his drivers license at the age of 11. Seconds

• When Rajnikant does division, there are no remainders

• With the rising cost of gasoline, Rajnikant is beginning to worry about his drinking habit.

• Rajnikant never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself out of fear.

Rajnikant can bend light. With his bare hands.

• Rajni had a fight with his wife. he showed his middle finger in anger and the wife became pregnant.


• Once Rajni gave IIT JEE exam … IIT was rejected.

• Rajinikanth killed the Dead Sea

• Rajinikanth can delete the Recycle Bin. after deleting files rajni doesnt send them to recycle bin, he sends them to HELL

• After 20 years… “ROBOTS” will make a movie...”RAJNIKANT”…!!!

• Rajni once ate the entire cake at a bachelor party before anyone could tell him there was a stripper in it.

Rajni once met Chiranjeevi on the street. Rajni burst into laughter, Chiranjeevi burst into tears, and every passing car burst into flames.

• Every dog has his day. Rajni has all the seven dogs.

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