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Deadly Rajnikanth One Liners Jokes

Rajnikanth One Liners :

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and Myspace has joined Rajnikanth.
  2. When Rajnikant logs on to facebook.com, facebook updates its status message!
  3. Rajinikanth sneezed only once in his entire life, that’s when the tsunami occurred in the Indian ocean.rajnikant can buy a bourneville…he doesnt have to earn it…
  4. In the past, Rajnikant was using tooth powder to make his teeths stronger.Today we know that tooth powder as:….Ambuja Cement
  5. Rajinikanth’s calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Rajanikanth.
  6. if RAJNI Kant then nobody Can!!!(
  7. Rajnikant knows what came first, chicken or egg!
  8. Neo was “the one” Rajinikant is “the only one”
  9. Some magicans can walk on water, Rajnikant can swim through land.
  10. Rajnikant irons his Pants with them still on.
  11. India actually didn’t have 50,000 crores for organizing the Commonwealth games… Rajnikanth gave it to them!
  12. The movie ‘300′ was initially planned to be made with Rajinikanth. It was originally named ‘1
  13. I have got so many rajnikanth jokes on my mobile phone……..dat i dont require a charger now:)
  14. Once Rajnikant and a small girl were playing cards. Rajni loses the game inspite having 3 ACES. Why?? Because The girl had 3 RAJNIKANTS
  15. Rajnikant can easily fly like a elephant
  16. Gf: Mera koi picha karte rehta hai…Rajni: ok..Nxt day…Gf: Hey… where the hell is My Shadow????
  17. Rajnikanth’s postal address: Rajnikanth , Madras
  18. Rajanikanth can eat lunch before breakfast.
  19. Rajnikanth can find a lost virginity
  20. Once all media men went to rajinikanth to ask if he feels bad of the jokes circulated. Rajini said : “DO YOU THINK THEY ARE JOKES”
  21. What is Rajnikanth’e email address ? Rajnikanth@Rajnikanth.Rajnikanth
  22. Rajanikanth took 12 wickets in one match.
  23. Rajanikanth got nobel prize in acting.

30 Facts About RAJNI | Kanth …. Rajnikanth

Rajnikanth was born by spliting atoms.
• Rajnikanth fought the law and the law lost.
• Once the cop pulled over Rajnikanth….the cop was lucky to leave with a warning.
• When Rajnikanth crosses the street , cars look both ways.

• Rajnikanth has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life.
• Rajnikanth died 20 years ago, Death just hasn’t built up the courage to tell him yet.
• Rajnikanth doesn’t flush the toilet, he scares the sh*t out of it

• Once, an entire country disagreed with Rajnikanth. It’s now known as the moon
• Death once had a near-Rajnikanth experience.
• Rajni broke the Da Vinci Code… with his fist.
• Some magicans can walk on water, Rajnikanth can swim through land.
• Rajnikanth can kill two stones with one bird
• Rajnikanth counted to infinity – twice.

• Rajnikanth can do a wheelie on a unicycle
• Rajnikanth hears sign language
• Rajnikanth can slam a revolving door.
• Rajnikanth made a Happy Meal cry.
• Rajnikanth once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.
• Rajnikanth will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him.
• Rajnikanth and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.
• When Rajnikanth does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.
• Rajnikanth can whistle in five different languages, including sign language.
• Santa writes to Rajnikanth about what he wants for Christmas.
• Rajnikanth doesn’t vote for presidents, he chooses from a list of applicants who want to be his assistant.
• There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Rajnikanth allows to live.

• Rajnikanth doesn’t wear a watch. HE decides what time it is.
• Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Rajnikanth pajamas.

Best Rajnikanth Jokes 2010

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